Why You Should Hire A Lawyer: Top 5 Reasons

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Why You Should Hire A Lawyer: Top 5 Reasons

March 29, 2017 Featured Content Legal Blog 0

You would agree with us that not every legal matter requires getting an attorney; fighting a wrong parking ticket is an example. However, in many other situations, it is advisable not to handle it by yourself, situations such as a bad divorce, a business deal and partnerships, among others.

Here are top five reasons you really should hire an attorney for:

  1. The law is not always as plain as it seems, it can be complicated and in most cases, you have no business acting like one for your sake at least. Lawyers have gone through years of training to understand legal ramifications of all actions, hence Don’t Do-it-yourself when you should hire a lawyer.
  2. Are you perhaps wondering your first consultation will cost you a lot? Fret not, lawyers usually provide free initial consultation. Just because we are awesome, mention this article and get a free consultation with us at Babatunde Busari & Co.
  3. One mistake in filling and filing legal documents could cost you dearly, there are protocols and deadlines for handling legal documents, if you are not a lawyer, don’t try to DIY with something that could have you paying for a tiny mistake or have your case dismissed not in your favour. Let an attorney file your legal documents for you.
  4. A lawyer knows how and when to challenge or suppress evidence, their mind works like a clock because of the years of training they have gone through. A lawyer can find missing evidences and suppress bad evidences, do not go through that case without legal counsel.
  5. What about that contract, you may say it is just an employment contract, nevertheless it is still a contract with your signature on it. Do you understand that contract’s fine prints? Your lawyer will.

Just to add few more lines……

  • Do you know what pleading is? Your Lawyer does.
  • A stitch in time saves nine..yes it is true, just ask your Lawyer.
  • A great lawyer can usually strike good settlement offers or plea bargains, if and when necessary.
  • And oh wait……the other party does have legal representation. Do you?

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